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Anybody know any foss video editors, besides Blender?

Do they really need to teach math? I just not pay attention and ace all my tests.

I am going to learn Old English and start saying rude things in it.

I am making progress on the Sporepedia bot. I know now how to make post requests.

Databases who needs that when you can make 500 text files.

I have made 0 progress on the spore media bot.

I have been on the fediverse for 50 days now.

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That moment when your doors are frozen shut and you have to use a heat gun on them.

I literally just typed Yahoo instead of Github.

I am not affected by CCPA as I am an individual.

Where can I find the CEO of Fediverse. I need to tell him about this new system where they can make more money by selling user's data.

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