friday: night
headphones: on
phone: dry
a: lone
hotel: trivago hahahaha did you guys like that one i came up with it all by myself hahaha trivago has been sued in multiple instances for creating false advertisements in order to uphold their "best prices" slogan hahahahaha

getting stupid high and eatin stupid amounts of costco cookies and burritos before linkin up with a member of provincial parliament wish me stupid luck

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is it gay to moralize? It's literally improving the morals of 😳😳

neighbours just picked me up on my walk to work which is nice bc if there's one thing i know about hell it's that i wanna get there faster

day 11 of no nut november

a femoid walked past me and she smelled so good i would suck out her ear wax with a straw if she let me

been on mastodon for like 10 minutes n so far it's just catgirl hentai and mental illness

👍🏿 okay

blob turtle fan club - the only good mastodon

turtles, turtles everywhere