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dear pesky plumbers
ive kidnapped the princess and im holding her in the grocery store cleaning supplies isle
you have 5 minutes to come save her before i erase her from existence
- mr clean i mean bowser

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Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (featuring Yoda)
this is the cursed music i said i would make

nonsense, squidward. that squeaking is money to my ears. i mean, music.

are there such things as non super targets anymore

flexing on everyone by legally changing my name to deathslayer80

whenever people post selfies im the one person who doesnt comment on the person in it but instead on everything around them

im trying to learn lojban
im fucking trying to banepost with my extremely limited knowledge of it

ok ok wait
i cant really find any others
this sucks

ok so far peepeth is kinda dead and minds is a cesspool

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