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new intro i guess
hi im rei im an instance admin i guess
i post weird things that people like for some reason
thats about it

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i will grow inside you, feeding on your nutrients for months giving nothing in return until i exit your body forever

im baby

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hiya, im rei!
im the co-owner of this instance with @algore
we like the blob turtle emoji so much we bought a fucking domain for it
anyways i have another account at @reitrace so i guess go check it out if you want

@selontheweb could just let a bot generate their posts and no one would notice

im drawing something again
might share after i remake it in gimp

i will murder anyone who says shit about my turtles
they are my children

im gonna fail my math class
i have no idea how to do any of this shit

obsessively refreshing my home timeline and notifs as usual

gargron dissed the free smiley turtle :smileyturtle:
its not his fault that he was born like that

block recommendation list 

i can't wait til my instance gets blocked by someone lol


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