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im niko
im the plague on your tl
except for when my instance breaks which it does a lot
i have a borderline obsession with old 16 bit computers, particularly commodore amigas
thats about it
im not that interesting of a person

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Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (featuring Yoda)
this is the cursed music i said i would make
i found out that the entire police squad series is on youtube
minus the naked gun films of course
leslie nielsen was a legend

@reitrace @georgia she hasn't because they're all shifty. Not as shifty as crabs, of course. It's not hard to be less shifty than crabs, though.

even though i have a switch now im still not buying it

what if i made it so everyone has the same avatar

i hate picrew avatars for one big reason and thats because it makes it so hard to tell people apart since they all look so similar

reversed CAPCHA: a CAPCHA that solves YOU

i will implement uncaptcha in my identity-interchangable social network
if you pass it you can't post

i might actually try to make this
it sounds fun lol

a captcha that keeps humans out of your site, letting robots in
aka most captchas

google is adding eyebrows to owo
like now you gotta do it as ōwō
same with ūwū

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