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dear pesky plumbers
ive kidnapped the princess and im holding her in the grocery store cleaning supplies isle
you have 5 minutes to come save her before i erase her from existence
- mr clean i mean bowser

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im niko
im the plague on your tl
except for when my instance breaks which it does a lot
i have a borderline obsession with old 16 bit computers, particularly commodore amigas
thats about it
im not that interesting of a person

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Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (featuring Yoda)
this is the cursed music i said i would make

helo my sweet
i just got out of showrr
wana see my private page

a New York photographer took pictures of people before and after she told them they were beautiful:

my account is the ikea of good posts
theres probably something good in there but you gotta put it together yourself

Mastodon fact: abandoned accounts are turned in to Spirit Halloween stores.

we are going to make a whole bookstore for gamer comics like ctrl alt del and penny arcade and all the many other ones out there

preforming an archeological dig on my own account

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