making people learn to code to oversaturate the job market with software engineers so we can pay them less and just fire them if they strike

@reitrace that is good marketing strategy but I don't know how much it lasts for humans to realize it
We need new strategies

@reitrace indeed, but we need to do it in a way so they think what they get is what they deserve

@reitrace how much it takes I mean
I'm still collecting data to improve my speech

@alyx @reitrace oh No, this human is gonna make problems for us one day, we need to put him down right now

He is indeed a Kenpachi. If you haven't, you should read the manga, past where the anime left off. You'll see just how truly bad-ass he is.
@reitrace @shuked

Spoilers, bleach 

re: Spoilers, bleach 

re: Spoilers, bleach 

re: Spoilers, bleach 

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