anyone who calls the fediverse mastodon is wrong
mastodon is only a part of fedi
we all know the correct term to use is gnusocial extended universe

@georgia @reitrace @51rH0n3y84d93r I didn't even know what lain was until I heard you nerds talking about it.
I didn't even know that the fediverse existed until I heard you nerds talking about it
@VD15 @51rH0n3y84d93r

@reitrace you're thinking of the elephant, the site is mastodon's monster

@reitrace i like to call it "mastodon" when i talk to normies about it because the word "fediverse" sounds sinister
@reitrace @legend I say "fedi"
they get confused regardless so might as well shorten it

@legend @reitrace Has the downside of giving the impression that Mastodon is the entire fediverse though, no?

@wolfie @reitrace You are overestimating the mental strength of normies . . . . . I'm not talking about your programmer coworkers, I'm talking about the people who use their cell phones religiously to access silicon valley spyware sites

@legend @reitrace No, I get you, I do. But by calling it Mastodon to such people, unscrewing their impression later will be all that much harder

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