i wish there was an option for mutuals only

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@reitrace honestly that does sound awesome
I love the idea

@absturztaube @toast in my case id also need to probably file it on mastodons

@reitrace @absturztaube @toast if it's added to Mastodon then Pleroma will implement it quickly afterwards

@mewmew @absturztaube @toast im making an account on pleromas gitlab now
im gonna try going there first since its already been requested a lot on mastodon

@toast @absturztaube @reitrace what we really need is addressing to custom collections and then having a mutuals collection by default
@mewmew @toast @absturztaube @reitrace funny thing is that pleroma-be has that for a while already, just that no frontend supports it
@rin @absturztaube @reitrace @toast I was writing up an issue to support that as we speak :blobcatsadlife:

I'll still make it to raise visibility, as not everything I suggest has been implemented
@absturztaube @mewmew @reitrace @toast not sure as I don't do fe dev. probably not too hard if fe had more than 0.5 devs

@toast @mewmew @absturztaube @rin i wish i actually knew how to do higher than basic computer programming

@reitrace @mewmew @absturztaube @rin
admining is just more fun, a lot of the time, tbh
dev can be fun too, but people and/or other bs gets in the way
if you want help learning feel free to reach out though, apparently I'm an ok teacher :blobsmile:
@absturztaube @mewmew @reitrace @rin
ok puniqt
riddle me this
why is busybox not affected by fakeroot correctly :celMADeline:
(abyss dev stuff lol)
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@mewmew @absturztaube @toast and that was just gargron changing the suggestion tag to enhancement

@absturztaube @reitrace you do it I'm lazy
(real reason: I'm pretty averse to having too many issues/mrs open due to negative prior experience)
@toast @reitrace if one sw will start using it and it's well done it probably will be considered by other sw too
@reitrace @toast tbh i would like to have an instance-only scope (because of admin announcements and stuff)

@absturztaube @toast hmmm
its already been suggested a lot on tootsuites github
like since the beginning it seems

@sjw @absturztaube @reitrace @toast interesting, are these "send issues to appropriate place" memes are actually working?
@absturztaube @reitrace @sjw @toast yeah, I just can't to force people send me bugreports and feature requests to my GitHub repo. I'm usually ignore anything that comes to me in chats or email and still issue tracker is empty.

I mean, memeing this kinda funny way to remind people about importance of sending issues to issue tracker, not in chats or like that.
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