my grandma kept screaming at me to tell my dad (her son) to come back after he went to the store because there was a "storm watch"
its not even storming like what the fuck

@reitrace omg i know someone from frederick. i went and visited him actually a few years ago!!!


@readytherhinos niiiiiiiice
im not really a fan of this city tbh but still nice

@reitrace we accidentally got lost on the way home from the airport because they listened to my directions (someone who has never been to maryland before) and ended up in laurel for a day

@readytherhinos nice
maryland is a very compact state that also is mostly void
rockville, annapolis, and baltimore are the only really interesting parts that i know of

@reitrace yea we should have spent a day in the city but didn’t because we are antisocial gamers lmfao

@reitrace flew across the country to play league in the same room as each other lmfao

@reitrace @readytherhinos Whenever I go to Maryland I usually am around Salisbury.

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