i tried to lure a bunch of pigmen from the nether to spawn but they idiotproofed their spawn portal

half of these people are here for memes and half are actually really religious

oh ip is minecraft.digitaljesuit.com
im beatmania_iidx
fedi meetup in vatican mc

my skin is niko from oneshot but i got a curse of binding dragon head put on me and keepinvs on so you cant really tell

oh god
server just talked
god is here
he says
"no cussing"

oh no
yeah someone mentioned lgbt stuff in the chat
we are all surely doomed

uh oh
the gamer word sign is back to the gamer word
someone changed it to say bigger for a bit but welp

@reitrace who's the admin?
will they be cool with a random pagan coming in burning down the church?
@reitrace spam this for lulz
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

@toast join and do them yourself
i put the ip in another post

@micrackbiron theres a massive sign with the n word on it
thats the kind of server this appears to be
mods arent really doing much either

@micrackbiron theyre having a massive argument about lgbtq rights now
theres two sides
the people who just joined for memes
and the hardcore religious types

@freon @micrackbiron im beatmania_iidx
its the best minecraft username ever and i am blessed to have it

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