god i cant wait for the full release of rhythm doctor

bms is hard
i do not like keyboard controls
i uhhh
might shell out the money for a proper iidx controller

im going to attempt to get into bms again
this time with beatoraja instead of lr2

i have never met a single biden supporter
i am led to believe they dont exist

@moonman new channel is ~/~sicbud-hathes/the-void
well the invite channel
its an os1 group now

id like to make an announcement
i am instantly blocking anyone who ever mentions the wretched coca cola
the instant you do i will come to your house and liquify you into pepsi
that is all

apparently some science account followed me
all i can say is
science is wrong earth is cylindrical
and that cylinder is filled with ice cold refreshing pepsi

i think my current avi fits my posts
waaay too well

on my way back from cvs
i got drinks which is most of what im lacking

im sorry but destroying all conventional rules is peak zoomer culture

i actually run every account
the internet is just me talking to myself

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turtles, turtles everywhere